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How to Make Cat Food at Home? Making cat food at home is easy and good for your cat. First, pick good meat like chicken or fish, which cats need. Cook the meat well without adding anything like spices. Then, mix in some cooked rice or pumpkin, and a little fish oil or egg yolk for extra health benefits. Always talk to a vet before you change what your cat eats, to make sure it’s okay for them. Homemade cat food is fresh, without added preservatives, and cats really like it.

How to Make Cat Food at Home

How to Make Cat Food at Home

What You Need to Know Before You Start

Making your cat’s food at home is a great idea. It’s not hard, and it can be better and cheaper than what you buy at the store. This guide will help you do it step by step.

Why Homemade Cat Food is Good

When you make your cat’s food, you know exactly what’s in it. This is great for cats that get sick from store food or have allergies. Homemade food doesn’t have extra stuff that your cat doesn’t need.

What Cats Need to Eat

Cats need meat to be healthy. They also need a little bit of fat, vitamins, and minerals. Cats can’t live on just plants. They need meat more than dogs do.

Picking the Right Stuff to Put in It

Good meats for cats are chicken, turkey, or fish. Make sure not to use foods that are bad for cats, like onions or garlic.

Making the Food

Cook the meat all the way without spices or salt. You can mix in a little bit of things like cooked rice or carrots. Just a little bit is okay for cats.

Adding Extra Healthy Stuff

Sometimes, food you make at home might not have everything your cat needs. You can add a little fish oil, something called taurine, and some vitamins. Ask your vet how much to use.

How Much Food Your Cat Needs

How much food to give depends on how big your cat is, how old they are, and how active they are. Most of the time, a grown-up cat eats about half a cup of homemade food two times a day. But it’s best to ask your vet.

Keeping the Food Good

You can keep this homemade cat food in the fridge for three days. You can also freeze it in small parts to use later.

Changing from Store Food to Homemade

Don’t change your cat’s food all at once. Start by mixing a little homemade food with their usual food. Slowly give more homemade food over a week.

Talking to a Vet

Before you start making your cat’s food, talk to a vet. They can help make sure your cat gets what they need to stay healthy.

Why Homemade Cat Food is Worth It

Making your cat’s food at home can be better for them. It takes some time, but it’s good to see your cat happy and healthy.


Q1. Can I make cat food at home safely?

Answer: Yes, you can make safe cat food at home. Just use the right things and make sure the food has what cats need. Talk to a vet before you start to make sure it’s good for your cat.

Q2. What should I put in homemade cat food?

Answer: Good things to put in homemade cat food are lean meats like chicken or fish. You can add a little bit of cooked veggies like carrots. Also, some special cat things like taurine and fish oil are important. Don’t use stuff that’s bad for cats, like onions or grapes.

Q3. How much homemade food does my cat need?

Answer: How much food your cat needs depends on how big and active they are. Usually, a grown-up cat eats about half a cup of homemade food two times a day. But it’s best to ask your vet to be sure.

Q4. Can I give my cat only homemade food instead of store food?

Answer: Yes, but you have to make sure the homemade food has everything your cat needs. It should have the right amounts of protein, fat, and vitamins. Check with your vet often to make sure your cat stays healthy.

Q5. How long can I keep homemade cat food?

Answer: You can keep homemade cat food in the fridge for three days. If you want to keep it longer, you can freeze it. Put it in small containers and use them one at a time.

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