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How to Choose Food for Older Cats? When your cat gets older, you need to pick the right food. Look for ‘senior’ or ‘mature’ cat food because it’s made for older cats. Choose food with good stuff and avoid food with too many fillers or carbs. Talk to your vet to get the best food for your older cat, especially if they have any health issues. By giving your older cat the right food, you can keep them healthy and happy as they grow older.

How to Choose Food for Older Cats

How to Choose Food for Older Cats

1: Introduction

When your cat gets older, choosing their food becomes important. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to pick the right food for your senior kitty.

2: What Older Cats Need

As cats age, their needs change. They need fewer calories but more specific nutrients. Senior cats often deal with things like dental issues, arthritis, and kidney problems, so their diet should help with these.

3: Look for ‘Senior’ Cat Food

To make things easier, there’s cat food made just for older cats. It’s designed to give them what they need as they age.

4: Good Ingredients Matter

No matter the food you choose, make sure it has good stuff in it. Real meat should be the top ingredient, and it should avoid too many fillers, fake stuff, or lots of carbs.

5: Check Protein and Fat Levels

Older cats need a diet that helps them keep their muscles and stay at a healthy weight. So, look for food with the right amount of protein and fat without too many calories.

6: Joint Health Support

Arthritis can be a problem for older cats. Some foods have special things like glucosamine and chondroitin to help with their joints.

7: Special Diets

If your cat has health issues, talk to your vet. They might need a special diet for things like kidney disease or diabetes.

8: Watch Portion Sizes

Keep an eye on how much you feed your older cat. Since they’re not as active, too much food can make them gain weight. Follow the food guidelines or ask your vet.

9: Switching Foods

If you’re changing your cat’s food, do it slowly. Mix the new food with the old over a week or two to avoid tummy troubles.

10: Vet Check-Ups

Regular vet visits are important for older cats. Your vet can check their weight, suggest diet changes, and help with any health problems.


Choosing the right food for your older cat doesn’t have to be tough. Understand their needs, pick senior cat food if you can, go for quality ingredients, and ask your vet when needed. This way, your aging feline friend can stay healthy and happy.


Q1: What should I look for in my older cat’s food?

Answer: When picking food for your senior cat, choose ones labeled as ‘for seniors’ because they’re made to keep older cats healthy.

Q2: Are there things I should avoid in my cat’s food?

Answer: Yes, avoid food with too many extra things like fillers or fake stuff. Look for food with real meat as the main thing.

Q3: How can I help my older cat stay the right weight with their food?

Answer: To help your senior cat stay a good weight, pick food with the right amount of protein and fat, so they don’t get too chubby. Follow the feeding guidelines on the bag.

Q4: Is it okay to give my older cat special things in their food?

Answer: Some foods have extra stuff like glucosamine and chondroitin to help with your cat’s joints. This can be good if your cat has trouble moving around, but check with your vet first.

Q5: Do I need to talk to my vet before changing my cat’s food?

Answer: Yes, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet before changing your older cat’s food. They can give you advice on what’s best for your cat’s health.

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