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How to Pick Healthy Treats for Your Cat? Choosing the right treats for your cat is important. Look for snacks with meat, fish, or chicken as the main part. Avoid treats with fake colors, flavors, or things that keep them fresh for a long time. These can be bad for your cat. Think about what your cat needs for its health, like less weight or help with hairballs, and pick treats that are good for these things. Remember, treats are just a small part of what your cat eats. Give them in small amounts. This way, your cat gets yummy treats that are also good for them.

How to Pick Healthy Treats for Your Cat

How to Pick Healthy Treats for Your Cat

1. What Does Your Cat Need?

Every cat is different. Some need to lose weight, while others might have special health needs. Keep these things in mind. This helps you choose better snacks for them.

2. Protein is Important

Cats need meat. Good treats have chicken, fish, or meat as the first thing listed on the pack. This helps your cat stay strong and healthy.

3. Say No to Bad Stuff

Avoid treats with fake colors or flavors and things that make them last longer. These can be bad for your cat. Always read the back of the treat pack to see what’s inside.

4. Give Treats in Small Amounts

Treats should be a tiny part of what your cat eats. Giving too many can make them gain weight or cause health problems.

5. Special Treats for Special Needs

Some cats need special care. There are treats to help with hairballs or to keep their teeth clean. Choose these if your cat needs them.

6. What Does Your Cat Like?

Some cats like crunchy treats. Others prefer soft ones. Pay attention to what your cat enjoys.

7. You Can Make Treats Too

It’s easy to make cat treats at home. Use simple things like cooked chicken or fish. This way, you know exactly what your cat is eating.

8. Ask Your Vet

If you’re not sure what treats are good, ask your vet. They can tell you what’s safe and good for your cat.

9. Try Different Treats

Cats like to try new things. Give them different kinds of treats to see what they like best.

10. Balance Treats with Regular Food

Make sure your cat eats their regular food too. Treats are just for fun and should not replace their main meals.

11. Learn About Treat Labels

Reading labels helps you choose better. Look for treats with a short list of things you know. Avoid treats with lots of added stuff.

12. Treating is Caring

Giving your cat treats is a way to show love. Enjoy this time, knowing you’re giving them something good.


Q1. What should I look for in good cat treats?

Answer: Choose treats that have meat, fish, or chicken as the main part. These are good for your cat’s health. Stay away from treats with fake things added to make them look or taste better.

Q2. How often can I give my cat treats?

Answer: Give treats in small amounts. They shouldn’t be more than 10% of what your cat eats in a day. It’s best to ask your vet how many treats are okay for your cat.

Q3. Can treats help my cat with health problems?

Answer: Yes, some treats are made for cats with special health needs, like problems with teeth, hairballs, or weight. Choose treats that are right for your cat’s health. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet about this.

Q4. Are treats I make at home good for my cat?

Answer: Making treats at home can be good because you know what’s in them. Use simple things like cooked meat or fish without any spices. But, always check with your vet before giving these homemade treats to your cat.

Q5. What treats are good for a cat with food allergies?

Answer: For cats with allergies, pick treats that don’t have the things they’re allergic to. Look for treats with different kinds of meat or just one kind of carb. Always read the treat labels carefully and talk to your vet for advice.

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