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How to Avoid Bad Stuff in Cat Food? To keep your cat healthy, it’s important to pick the right food. When buying cat food, always look at what’s in it. Try to avoid food with ‘meat by-products’ or things like corn and wheat gluten. These don’t help your cat much. Instead, choose food where the first thing listed is a meat, like chicken or fish. Stay away from food with artificial stuff like fake colors or preservatives. Your cat doesn’t need these and they can be bad for them. It’s best to go for cat food with natural ingredients and some extra vitamins and minerals. This way, you make sure your cat eats healthy and stays happy.

How to Avoid Bad Stuff in Cat Food

How to Avoid Bad Stuff in Cat Food

If you love your cat, you want to give them the best food. But sometimes, cat food has bad things in it. This guide will help you pick the right food for your cat, so they stay healthy and happy.

Understanding Cat Food Label

When you buy cat food, look at the label. Good cat food should have meat like chicken or beef as the first thing listed. Stay away from foods that say ‘meat by-products’ because that’s not the best meat. The clearer the ingredients are, the better the food is for your cat.

Avoid Harmful Additives

Some cat foods have things that aren’t good for cats. These include fake colors and flavors. Foods with natural stuff are better and safer for your cat.

The Truth About Fillers

Fillers are things like corn and wheat gluten. They are put in some cat foods but don’t really help your cat. It’s better to choose food that doesn’t have a lot of these fillers.

Importance of Real Meat

Cats need a lot of protein from meat. The best cat foods list a real type of meat first. This means the food has a lot of good protein for your cat.

Beware of Artificial Preservatives

Some cat foods have fake preservatives. These can be bad for cats. Look for foods that use natural things like vitamin C or E to keep the food fresh.

Understanding Cats’ Nutritional Needs

Cats need a balanced diet. This means their food should have vitamins, minerals, and the right kind of fats and proteins. Check that the food you choose has everything your cat needs.

Wet Food vs. Dry Food

Some people give their cats wet food, some give dry food. Both can be good, but make sure whichever one you choose doesn’t have the bad stuff we talked about.

Consulting with a Vet

If you’re not sure what to feed your cat, ask a vet. Vets know a lot about cat food and can tell you the best kinds for your cat’s health.

Reading Reviews and Recommendations

It’s also a good idea to look up what other people say about cat food. Read reviews and ask others what they feed their cats. This can help you find the best food.


Picking the right cat food is really important. You want to make sure it’s safe and healthy. By reading labels, avoiding bad ingredients, and asking experts, you can make sure your cat is eating well.


Q1. What should I not let my cat eat in their food?

Answer: Stay away from cat food that has things like ‘meat by-products’ which don’t tell you what kind of meat it is. Also, avoid food with fake colors, flavors, or preservatives. These aren’t good for your cat. Foods with lots of fillers like corn or wheat gluten aren’t great either. They don’t give your cat the nutrients they need.

Q2. How do I know if a cat food is really good?

Answer: Really good cat food will have a specific kind of meat, like chicken or beef, as the first thing on the ingredients list. This means it has lots of protein, which is good for your cat. Also, look for natural things instead of artificial stuff to keep the food fresh. The food should also have a good mix of vitamins and minerals.

Q3. Is it okay for cat food to have some by-products?

Answer: Some by-products can be okay, like liver or other organs, because they are nutritious. But the label should say exactly what the by-product is. If it just says ‘meat by-products’ without details, it’s not the best quality.

Q4. Are artificial colors in cat food bad for my cat?

Answer: Artificial colors are not needed in cat food and can sometimes cause problems for cats. They might make some cats feel sick or have allergies. It’s safer to choose cat food that doesn’t have these artificial colors.

Q5. Should I pick wet or dry cat food to avoid bad stuff?

Answer: Whether you choose wet or dry food for your cat doesn’t matter too much. What’s important is to check the ingredients. Both wet and dry foods can be good for your cat if they don’t have bad things in them. Think about what your cat likes and what’s good for their health.

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